Women's backpack / black eco-leather and velor flowers


This women's backpack is a practical accessory that will be perfect for a trip, a walk or a city trip with friends. It can easily accommodate the A4 format, a medium-sized laptop and a whole lot of necessary trinkets that you always want to have with you.

The top layer is black, vegan leather and velor with gray and beige flowers. The inner layer is a waterproof and stiffening cordura that keeps the backpack in shape and protects the contents from getting wet, and a black cotton lining. In the backpack set you will get a purse fastened with a carabiner or I will sew an internal zippered pocket for you.


top layer - black eco-leather and velor with gray and beige flowers

lining - black

tapes - black

metal elements - silver

Material: 100% cotton, 100% polyester

Dimensions: 35 [cm] x 25 [cm] x 15 [cm] (+/- 1)

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