Women's midi / gray chenille sachet and black braid

Women's midi sachet / gray chenille and black braid


Women's sachet - midi waist bag is a practical accessory that will be perfect for traveling, walking, rollerblading or going out into the city with friends. It will accommodate all the necessary trinkets that you always want to have at hand.

Wear it as you like - on the hips like a classic sachet, put over your shoulder or like a purse.

It is made of black braid and gray chenille. The interior is lined with a layer of waterproof, gray and stiffening codura, which keeps the sachet in a nice shape and protects the contents from getting wet. A very durable carrying strap is fastened with a solid, metal clasp.


  • top layer - black braid and gray chenille
  • lining - gray
  • locks -black
  • carrier tape - gray

Material: 100% polyester

Dimensions: 35 [cm] x 18 [cm] x 9 [cm] (+/- 1)

Maximum circumference: length of the carrier tape 100 [cm] + length of the sachet 35 [cm] = 135 [cm]

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