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Miała być zasłonka, a jest spódnica

Today I want to show you my first skirt I made in march this year.

In a short period of time after receiving a sewing machine I went for shopping to IKEA. I was in need of curtain for a child’s room. I thought that already having the sewing machine I can sew it by myself, so I bought the fabric. When a moment of sewing had come I acknowledged that a curtain can wait and I need to do something more complex. Something that can give me satisfaction. I have chosen a skirt.

It took me a lot of time to pin a box pleat (that time I didn’t know it’s name:)). I wanted this skirt to be made of single piece of fabric, so I had to pin it to be in my size and for the kick pleats to be arranged evenly and there was no need to cut the fabric. After long struggles I managed to succeed.