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I took my first steps with the machine when I was at primary school. I remember it was my mom’s old “Łucznik” (polish company producing sewing machines- eng. Archer) with foot drive. It was in green color and the cupboard in which you could hide the machine after work was used as a table. I used to be very intrigued by this strange device before I had sat and got into sewing in front of this bizzare machine for the first time.

I’ve always had a zeal for needlework. First-crochet hook, then embroidering, knitting for a moment, but it could have been done by everybody… I didn’t want to do what everyone did, I wanted something unique, something one of a kind.Then came that day when my mother let me “play”.

I remember a great joy when I made my first pants. I made them out of an old, long and pleated mother’s skirt I dug out of an old closet. After ripping the skirt apart, it turned out that there is enough fabric for pants. They were so called “bells”, the best ones I’ve ever had. My mother made the pattern and I sewed. Maybe the execution was not too professional and left much to be desired, but no one had such trousers as I did. All my friends looked at them with envy, and I was effectively masking all the shortcomings 🙂

Before I could sew another serious thing, machine refused to work and for that moment my adventure with sewing had to come to an end.

Since I can remember, I always wanted to sew, I was just missing time and the equipment of course. When I got pregnant, the first problem solved by itself. The rest was only a matter of a sewing machine.

With the growth of the tummy, a desire to sew grew in me. I got the machine for my birthday. It was a relatively short after the birth of my Child. Little one slept a lot so time for sewing found itself.

Now when the daughter is getting older, I have fewer time, but the desire of sewing is so great thatI sit in front of the machine late in the evening, when she is asleep.It doesn’t matter that the next day I look like a zombie.What matters are moments spent with my green (like “Łucznik” which I started with) “Silver” machine.

On this blog, I would like to share the effects of my work with you. My skills are not yet satisfactory, I’m still learning and trying new things.

However, I feel the need to display my progress to the world right now, because sewing “to the cabinet” is cool, but a good word can lift your spirits at the time of doubt and a small advice from more experienced seamstress can help to get rid of a problem that can look like a problem not to jump over.

I invite everybody interested in my adventures and struggles with needle and thread to keep track of my subsequent entries.

You will be able to find here both: my already ready work, as well as those “work in progress” projects. I will be publishing tutorials on how to do some things by yourself and sewing patterns which may be useful for all of you.


Jowita also known as Jimi


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